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Bad Slave Locked in Her Room

Bad slave was sent to her room to be punished. Tied up in ropes, spread eagled on her stomach while hot candle wax were dropped on her huge tits. After that her big breasts were tied until her breast blood vessels turns pretty purple. Since she was obedient and gave her master a good boner her reward was to be untied down and a vibrator was inserted in her pussy until she reached her orgasm.

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Strict Hot Momma No More


Selena has always been strict about her son partying at home. y went she went home from a business trip she found two young dudes drunk and sobering in her living room. She was tempted to fuck these young dudes but they could be some dopey virgins and she doesn’t have time especially with her sex life is boring no hardcore sex she wants something with hard and mature sex. She woke them up with her gargantuan boobies she is sure that they have never seen nor even tasted in their youth. Selena was surpirsed when they started to mash her boobies tied her up, gagged her, and pumped and electrocuted her boobies. She never had this in of awesome sex in her mature life and she will have more from this dudes.

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Bathroom Chores turned BDSM Session

This hot MILF never knew what she was asking for when she flirted with her son’s friend. She saihe can wait for his son in the living room while she cleans the bathroom and left the bathroom door open.  The young dude took the challenge with some BDSM devices to boot, rope for the breasts and hands, rubber ball to the mouth and laundry pins for mommy’s big hooters. Mommy screams  in pain as she got fucked in many different places in the bathroom from under the sink, under the toilet and in the shower.

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Bad Ass Slave Spanked Bloody

Bad and naughty slave slut will get a bloody spanking. This bitch is strapped into a stretching BDSM equipment stretching her arms and legs trying to split her body into two pieces. The best punishment is turning her into a child again and a good spanking in the butt. The leather whip crashing into her white round butts gives the master a boner every time she squirms in deep pain and the blood from her hot ass splashes on his crutch.

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One Toughie Mommy

This hot MILF is one broad who loves fucking young dudes. Until she encountered a fetish young lad who put her in chains and shackles, gagged her mouth with a plastic ball and fucked her screaming both in pleasure and pain. The highlight of the evening is when the fetish young boy used mommy’s clothes pin all over her big juggies while he fucks her hard and wide.

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The Seat of Torture

This BDSM device the seat of torture provides pain for the slave slut and ecstasy for the master. Her whole body is wrapped in a plastic suit and is tied with rubber to the seat of torture made of tubular steel. I then slap her with leather belt and the vibrator in her pussy helps her reach orgasm. Slaves are truly punished in the seat of torture.

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Vitruvian Woman Slave Punished

One of my slave is addicted to being tied up on this breast bondage machine. When she is strapped she looks like a female version of Vitruvian Man. Only this piece of artwork is in pain as the strings attached to her tit rings are pulled downwards  and she grimace in pain and the vibrator in her pussy sends her to a classic climactic orgasm.

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Clipped and Tied Torture


I am going to make my slave beg for forgiveness as I wrap her whole body in plastic and make her kneel down. Hog tie her to a post and wrap her face with clear plastic after gagging her with a plastic ball. Oxygen is something that is not in the environment then I start slapping her breast and put clothespin all over her face.  She screams in pain under those plastic as she reach orgasm with the vibrator stuck in her pussy. Torture has never been so pleasurable.

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Fetish Punishment for the Living Dead

Here is a very good idea how to punish your slave when they are disobedient treat them like a dead person in funeral wake the only difference is that there are still very much alive and can feel the pain. Lay them on a table and put candles on the four corners of the table. Tie both her big tits with rope and tie her hands and legs on the corners of the table so her body is spread like an eagle. Pour candle was on her skin and whip her with a leather. Ah,when she squirms in pain my cock hardens.

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BDSM Birthday Cake

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to my master! My gift is the best birthday cake ever – a BDSM cake with with the candles pinned to my ass cheeks, with my blood as icing. Before you blow make a whipping on my back so that blood will spray coming from my skin. For pain and pleasure master happy birthday!

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