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Picnic gone Punishment

Hot MILF Melanie was prepared a nice picnic for her husband. Turned out to be one hot punishment for mommy. Her huge mama tits were tied in colorful ropes. And the candy lolly was licked by her wet pussy. And the finale dada fucked her real hard while all being tied up.

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Tennis Court Tit Torture

Anica a hot big tit blonde wanted more action than boring tennis. After a few rounds of tennis her partner stared tit and clit torture using suction cups. This while her arms are tied gagged behind her. After she endured the pain, her reward was a hard core fucking at the country club villa with a gag ball on her mouth.

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Military BDSM Torture

One of the best role playing in BDSM is playing soldiers. The slave here is a POW (Prisoner of War) and she is tormented to speak where is the hidden enemy camp. Her arms are tied and clipped to the side. Her breasts are tied and clit weights are hooked on both sides of her pussy. Bending forward she is slapped to the master’s content. The most difficult part is to let her walk on her knees and pick up things using her mouth.

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Maid Abused and Tortured

Maria is a Latina maid who works in the big house. One day her fetish master with  a big cock surprised her with rubber ball gag in her mouth. He tied her with ribbons, made her swallow his cock. He ripped of her pantyhose  and tied her on a round table before he fucked her real hard. She screams in pleasure or pain?

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On Doctor’s Orders

Tasha needs to see her Gynecologist and she was surprised that her doctor ad of seeing her at the clinic said to come   house. She was stripped naked at the swimming binded  and punished she  has never felt sexually good experience borders of pain and pleasure.  Her pussy was  internally examined after that she felt  cured.


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Push and Pull Tit and Clit Torment

Today this slave will receive punishment designed from hell and will truly test her discipline in sadism. This torture device will be hooked to her tit clamps and is connected to her breast. When the clit hooks pulls down the tit ropes pushes down and the agonizing scream of the slut provides premium boner to her master.


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Bad Slave Locked in Her Room

Bad slave was sent to her room to be punished. Tied up in ropes, spread eagled on her stomach while hot candle wax were dropped on her huge tits. After that her big breasts were tied until her breast blood vessels turns pretty purple. Since she was obedient and gave her master a good boner her reward was to be untied down and a vibrator was inserted in her pussy until she reached her orgasm.

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Strict Hot Momma No More


Selena has always been strict about her son partying at home. y went she went home from a business trip she found two young dudes drunk and sobering in her living room. She was tempted to fuck these young dudes but they could be some dopey virgins and she doesn’t have time especially with her sex life is boring no hardcore sex she wants something with hard and mature sex. She woke them up with her gargantuan boobies she is sure that they have never seen nor even tasted in their youth. Selena was surpirsed when they started to mash her boobies tied her up, gagged her, and pumped and electrocuted her boobies. She never had this in of awesome sex in her mature life and she will have more from this dudes.

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Bathroom Chores turned BDSM Session

This hot MILF never knew what she was asking for when she flirted with her son’s friend. She saihe can wait for his son in the living room while she cleans the bathroom and left the bathroom door open.  The young dude took the challenge with some BDSM devices to boot, rope for the breasts and hands, rubber ball to the mouth and laundry pins for mommy’s big hooters. Mommy screams  in pain as she got fucked in many different places in the bathroom from under the sink, under the toilet and in the shower.

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Bad Ass Slave Spanked Bloody

Bad and naughty slave slut will get a bloody spanking. This bitch is strapped into a stretching BDSM equipment stretching her arms and legs trying to split her body into two pieces. The best punishment is turning her into a child again and a good spanking in the butt. The leather whip crashing into her white round butts gives the master a boner every time she squirms in deep pain and the blood from her hot ass splashes on his crutch.

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