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Clipped and Tied Torture


I am going to make my slave beg for forgiveness as I wrap her whole body in plastic and make her kneel down. Hog tie her to a post and wrap her face with clear plastic after gagging her with a plastic ball. Oxygen is something that is not in the environment then I start slapping her breast and put clothespin all over her face.  She screams in pain under those plastic as she reach orgasm with the vibrator stuck in her pussy. Torture has never been so pleasurable.

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Fetish Punishment for the Living Dead

Here is a very good idea how to punish your slave when they are disobedient treat them like a dead person in funeral wake the only difference is that there are still very much alive and can feel the pain. Lay them on a table and put candles on the four corners of the table. Tie both her big tits with rope and tie her hands and legs on the corners of the table so her body is spread like an eagle. Pour candle was on her skin and whip her with a leather. Ah,when she squirms in pain my cock hardens.

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BDSM Birthday Cake

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to my master! My gift is the best birthday cake ever – a BDSM cake with with the candles pinned to my ass cheeks, with my blood as icing. Before you blow make a whipping on my back so that blood will spray coming from my skin. For pain and pleasure master happy birthday!

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Ride on My White Pony

“If you wanna ride, you ride a white pony…” that’s how the song goes. That just gave me a nice fetish idea how to punish my slut today. I gather the ropes and the whip and began to saddle the slut. Once, the reins are tight I whip her so strong she starts to giddy yup on the pleasurable pain.

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Bad Girls Get Punished

You have been such a bad slut Sonia and daddy will punish you. Refusing to take off your clothes only turns me more on. So, I will tie the slut in her clothes, bond her tits tight, bite some leather and rough rope. Bad girls burn in hell so I burn the slut with some hot melted wax. Just pure pleasurable punishment.

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Little Red Binding Hood

Why Grandmother, what big whip you have!  To better whip your creamy skin with, me dear. Oh, Grandmother what big chains you have! To tighten the bonds on your tits, my dear. Oh Grandmother what big suction cups you have! To better to suck your boobs, my dear. Oh Grandmother what big ropes you have! To better to bind you, my dear! This hot red head slave will be tortured to  pieces to satisfy your fetish fantasy.

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Beautiful Day for Some BDSM

It’s  a beautiful day for bondage so take the chains, the wires and the electronic tit wires and lets start some sweet sadism. Such a really great day for discipline and masochism. This bondage bitch can feel the pleasurable pain as the chain tightens on her throat and the electricity flows through her tits. Learn more how this bitch found heaven in pain by joining in.

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Garroted Tits of Bonnie – BDSM Bitch

Meet Bonnie a hot BDSM chick. Bonnie is dying for you to whip her, tighten the garrote on her boobs, and pull her chains real tight till she can’t breathe no more. Only until you give her the pain will she ever feel pleasure. More BDSM bitches are waiting for you to inflict pain on her big tits and all over their body. Come join the pain party now by clicking below.

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Bond Me Baby til They Burst

Baby please make them tighter, I want them to be so tight until I could feel my breasts are gonna burst. This bondage blonde is begging YOU. So, what are you going to do about it? Don’t just stare start tightening the bonds on her tits. Man, she is really asking for who is the man? Who’s your papa? This blonde cupcake wants to be really dominated and she wants to suffer. Start dominating breast bondage bitches and let them feel pleasurable pain.

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Two Naughty Tattooed Slaves

Not just one but two slaves down on my lair for today’s breast bondage session.  Punishing my two tattooed slaves together really bring me joy, I love the sight of their swollen purple breast while they untie the rope using their mouth.  I love to look at their faces when I torture them,  nothing satisfy me more than to see them in pain and miserable . Join them on Big Tit Bondage